1,000 Lies and Counting: A Husband Who Can't Tell the Truth

Mar 30, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Melisa claims her estranged husband, Chris, is a pathological liar who lies about anything and everything — from small things, like what he had for lunch, to more elaborate lies, like posing as an airline pilot making $500,000 a year so he could view... (more) a luxury home. She says during their five years together, Chris has also struggled to hold a job, and she claims he has resorted to stealing money from her. Melisa and Chris are currently separated, but with a young child and another baby on the way, Melisa says she’s desperate to make things work. Chris admits he has a problem with telling the truth and insists he wants to change — but is that just another lie? Dr. Phil sits down with Melisa and Chris in search of a resolution. What’s at the root of Chris’ behavior? Meet Chris’ father, Steve, who says his son has been lying since he was a child. Has Steve been enabling his son’s behavior? And, should Melisa and Chris work on their relationship or call it quits?

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