Time is Running Out for Prison-Bound Dad: Did His Wife Blackmail Him into Embezzling $300,000?

Feb 23, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Sarah, 20, and PJ, 21, claim that for the past two years, their mother, Kim, has chosen alcohol and pills over them and their two younger siblings. They say time is running out for her to get her act together -- because their father, Pete, is headed ... (more)to prison for mail fraud in a matter of weeks, and they’re afraid their family will fall apart while he’s away. Kim says she is only an occasional drinker and insists she is not using pills -- but what will a drug test reveal? And, how does she explain two DUI crashes in recent years, including one that Pete claims she tried to cover up? Plus, Pete admits he was struggling to make ends meet when he came up with a plan to embezzle hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why does he say he blames Kim for his current predicament? With the clock ticking, the family confronts Kim in an emotional intervention on Dr. Phil’s stage. Will she agree to get help and become the mother her children say they need now, more than ever?

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