“Our Sister Lived in the Bushes and Tried to Hire Someone to Kill Her”

Feb 11, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Ann Marie and Jackie say their sister, Colleen, is living in a world of make-believe where she constantly plays the victim and lies for money and attention. The siblings say Colleen has disappeared for days at a time and once lived in the woods for t... (more)wo weeks — and paid a homeless man to try to kill her — in an attempt to make her family believe she was dead. They also claim Colleen has faked a heart attack, falsely accused a neighbor of rape and most recently told them she’s receiving treatments for cervical cancer — which they believe is just another lie. Dr. Phil brings the sisters together in search of answers — and a resolution. How does Colleen explain her erratic behavior? And, is she really suffering from cancer? Plus, Ann Marie and Jackie admit they have enabled Colleen over the years by giving her money and food and paying her bills — can they learn to put their foot down and help Colleen get her life back on track?

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