Earl and Pearl

Sep 14, 1994 on ABC at 9:30 PM

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Earl steams up when his sister Pearl, who only comes around once in 15 years, shows up to see the Baby. She's a country folk singer and invites Robbie and Charlene to the Bunkin' Bronto to hear her sing, Earl forbids it, but they go anyway. Down ther... (more)e, Roy meets Pearl and falls head over heels for her, but Earl forbids him to be in love with her, claiming she walked out on the whole family. Pearl explains to the kids when their father died, Earl dropped out of school to become a tree pusher and support their mother, and she packed up and left to pursue a singing career, and a rodeo clown named Buttons, and Earl never forgave her for walking out. Roy starts to see more of Earl in Pearl when he tries to kiss her and walks out, Pearl invites the whole family down to the Bunkin' Bronto for one last performance, and asks her baby brother to come up on stage for a duet that explains her apology.

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Season 4 Episode 8

Sep 07, 1994

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