Police Academy Arc Wild Police Story CASE. Hagiwara Kenji

May 07, 2022 on YTV (JP) at 6:00 PM


Hagiwara, Furuya, Date, and Morofushi spot an RX-7FD3S at the police academy. It's apparently Hagiwara's favorite model, and he overwhelms Instructor Onizuka with an impassioned speech when the instructor exits the car. However, the car belongs not t... (more)o Onizuka but a senior cop who died on duty. The deceased cop's daughter wants to become a police officer, and Onizuka is holding onto the car until then. Later, during heavy equipment training, they discuss Hagiwara's earlier behavior. Hagiwara knows a lot about cars because his family ran an auto repair shop. However, his family's shop was forced to close, and he explains that he's trying to become a police officer because the police force will never go bankrupt. After training, a man approaches Hagiwara and Matsuda...

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