The Death Mansion and the Red Wall (Grateful Invitation)

Dec 05, 2009 on YTV (JP) at 6:00 PM


Yamato and Euhara takes Kogoro, Ran, and Conan to a mansion. Euhara reveals that the man was owned by a rich man in the past; The man one day decided to search for five talented people and gave the five a room in the mansion until they have reached t... (more)heir dreams. Euhara reveals that five people, Shūsaku Akashi, Aoi Kobashi, Naoki Midorikawa, Shōji Yamabuki, Takuto Momose, and Shirō Naiko, refered to each others as colors that sound alike to their names. They were called Red (赤, Aka?), Blue (青, Ao?), Green (緑, Midori?), lit. Golden Yellow (山吹, Yamabuki?), and White (白, Shiro?) respectively. Yamato reveals that the doors in the mansion swung outward and that someone used a pile of boxes filled with books to trap Akashi inside a room. They examine the room to find one wall of the room painted red and in the center of the room a white and black chair placed back to back and nailed into the ground with the white chair facing the red wall. Yamato's rival, Takaaki Morofushi who's name can be read in Chinese as Koumei, arrives and reveals he was the first to find the body as he was delivering flowers to the late Aoi who died from a heart attack in the storage room of the house. Conan reveals that the culprit knew the door would open outwards in the house and the location of the boxes of books which means the culprit is one of the three people who use to live in the mansion.

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