The Fearful Intersection

Nov 21, 2009 on YTV (JP) at 6:00 PM


While driving home, Kogoro, Ran, and Conan witness a traffic collision between a green car and a red car. The man in the red car, Shun Hayami, dies from the collision due to his car catching fire. While the police interrogate Seiji Kurumatani, the ma... (more)n in the green car, he claims that he did not see the car at the intersection which caused the accident. Conan, suspecting a murder, mentions that they saw the two cars at a convenience store and the police question the store's owner to confirm this. The store owner tells them that he saw Hayami and Kurumatani arguing in front of his store. Conan confirms it is a murder and investigates the ashtray of the green car and finds the same cigarette brand as the one Hayami smoked. After tranquilizing Kogoro, Conan announces that Kurumatani planned the murder. He reveals Kurumatani, who is an auto mechanic, was repairing Hayami's red car and was lending Hayami his green car during the time. After the repairs were finished, he called Hayami to the convenience store so they could trade cars. Before arriving there, Kurumatani adjusted a billboard at the intersection where the collision would soon occur. The adjustment caused the billboard to reflect headlamp lights creating glare for Hayami which caused the accident. Kurumatani confesses to the murder and reveals that Hayami ran over his sister a year ago. When Hayami's car came into repairs, he knew Hayami was the murderer and began his plan for revenge.

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