The Hand That Plays in Dissonance

Aug 08, 2009 on YTV (JP) at 6:00 PM


Conan, Kogoro, and Ran all attend a concert at a local department store. After the drummer, Yuusuke Nakamura, hears about a CD Ran is searching for, he tells her to follow him to the storage room where he has a copy of it. While there, they discover ... (more)the lead vocalist, Yukiko WaTanbe, dead in the storage room. The band is interrogated by the police and they learn Yukiko planned to join another band. Ran tells Conan she noticed that the drum outside of the storage room changed position and Conan realizes who the murderer is. After tranquilizes Kogoro and uses him to reveal the culprit to be Yuusuke. He reveals that Ran did not see Yukiko's body but only a mannequins hand. When Ran left, Yuusuke took Yukiko's body out of the box for the bass drum and placed her body at the crime scene. Yuusuke confesses to murder her in rage after she told him she was leaving the band.

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Season 18 Episode 20

Aug 01, 2009

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