The Secret of the Vanished Masterpiece

May 30, 2009 on YTV (JP) at 6:00 PM


The Detective Boys decide investigate spooky Ch'teau when a man starts to live there. They find the ch'teau and its garden have been remodelled. The next day, the man living in the ch├óteau, Rokuro Wada is revealed to have died. They learn from Keiic... (more)hi Yagami, Wada's agent who sells his paintings, that Wada had been working on a masterpiece at the ch'teau for three months. They decide to search the ch'teau for the painting but to no avail. Afterwards they are visited by Wada's old aunt Saeko Takatoo and her caretaker Mina Eguichi who reveals that Wada sent them a letter telling them to visit the ch'teau tomorrow to view the masterpiece. Eguichi reveals Wada's masterpiece is going to help Takatoo regain her memories which she lost from an accident a year ago. Conan finds a photo revealing a ch'teau Takatoo owned in the past and realizes what Wada's masterpiece is. Conan reveals the masterpiece would be complete tomorrow. The next day, the flowers at the ch'eau have bloomed revealing a scenery similar to the one in the photo. The scenery causes Takatoo to regain her memories of her life

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May 23, 2009

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