Shinichi's True Face and Ran's Tears

Jan 26, 2009 on YTV (JP) at 6:00 PM


Ran wakes up in a hut in the woods and discovers someone has treated the wounds from when she fell. Eventually, Kazuha finds Ran and calls Kogoro in. Heiji radios them from the next room. They all go over and find that the room is filled with picture... (more)s of Shin'ichi with knife marks in them. Heiji figures out the case, and they head back to Hinohara's house. There, Heiji reveals that Shin'ichi is actually Makoto, who used plastic surgery to look like Kudou Shin'ichi. Shirigami-sama steps into the room and is revealed to be Shin'ichi. After Makoto is arrested, Ran, Heiji, Shin'ichi, Kazuha, and Kogoro walk back toward the hotel. Before they can reach it, APTX 4869 starts to wear off, and Heiji helps Shin'ichi escape to the bathroom to change back. Haibara had been hiding there, and she gave Shin'ichi another antidote. Then, she says to return to Tokyo before he changes back if he wishes to keep his identity a secret.

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