Clash of Red and Black (Coma)

Feb 11, 2008 on YTV (JP) at 6:00 PM


Eisuke has been missing since the winter break after he found a clue of the whereabouts of a member of his father's company. Coincidentally, the member is at Haido Central Hospital, where Rena Mizunashi is secretly held at. Conan meets with Jodie who... (more) confirms Eisuke has been seen at the hospital and reveals that Eisuke's father was a secret CIA agent who died four years ago by the hands of Rena. Conan follows Jodie to the hospital to search for Eisuke and begins to believe Eisuke might be in trouble because the member of his father's company is really a member of the black organization. Conan talks to a nurse to discover there's a patient in the hospital who is also looking for Rena.

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Season 17 Episode 4

Feb 04, 2008

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