Meguro's Pike Case

Aug 14, 2006 on YTV (JP) at 6:00 PM


Moore, Conan, and Inspector Megure are walking towards a Rakugo (type of Japanese play center) where Moore will attempt to act and win the prize of "All you can drink". They make a stop by a famous Rakugo actor's restaurant named Meguro. Ichimatsu is... (more) the owner of this shop and he works alongside his ex-wife Meguro Miya. After the play, Ichimatsu is stabbed and sent to the hospital. The evidence points the culpirt to be Meguro Miya, but then Ichimatsu's assistant named Manragutei Kisaburau appears claiming he stabbed Ichimatsu. While both of them try to convict themselves, Conan figures out who the culprit is. Once solved the Miya and Kisaburau go out on a date. At the end Moore practices his horrible play forcing Conan, Inspector, and one of the cops to listen.

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