Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 6 (Part 1)

Feb 28, 2005 on YTV (JP) at 6:00 PM


Yumi overhears that a promotion for Takagi will send him to a case in a far away place where he shall remain there until the case is solved. Apparently the case involves a large number of people in a crime organization, where he is expected to be the... (more)re for three years. Later the Detecitve Boys are walking home when they noticed a strange jogger. Takagi, Sato, and Chou are placed on the case of a murder. The Detective Boys come across them and identify the jogger as the suspect. When they arrive, the suspect's allibi of video recordings proves he was there the whole time the murder took place, but the Detective Boys are certain he was the jogger. What's more, the allibi is confirmed by Officer Chiba, since it's his roommate.

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Kogoro Gets Drunk in Satsuma (Part 2)
Season 13 Episode 36

Feb 21, 2005

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