Lucky Man's Suspense

Aug 02, 2004 on YTV (JP) at 6:00 PM


Doctor Yokoto Owada of the Beika Central Hospital wins the third place prize at a raffle. The raffle makes it his third winning of the week. When Conan returns home, he discovers that the one year supply of beer that Doctor Owada won is a lie because... (more) the draw didn't start yet. The next day, the Detective Boys find out the raffle had been fixed by a tall and slender woman posing as the doctor's wife and when walking down the streets, they overhear gossip of the doctor's other made up winnings. Following the trail of gossip, they soon find the woman responsible for the rumors named Akiko Shiina and her motive. Conan dismisses the case to trick the Detective Boys into going home, but returns at night to stop Akiko from murdering the doctor.

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Season 13 Episode 15

Jul 26, 2004

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