Megure's Locked Away Secret (Part 2)

Dec 18, 2000 on YTV (JP) at 6:00 PM


Inspection follows. It is found that the victim had been involved in a car crash a year ago, in the same parking lot. Using information from the previous three victims, Conan figures that the murderer's motive was probably because of the high-top sho... (more)es that ""101 spice girls"" all wear. It if found, then, that the main cause of the victim's car crash was because of her shoes. They weakened the pedal's reaction. After Kogoro and Megure finally get the point (with Conan hinting), they figure out the murderer, but now he's gone! And now Sonoko, wearing a pair of high-top shoes, is stuck in the shopping mall... with the revengeful murderer!

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Megure's Locked Away Secret (Part 1)
Season 8 Episode 24

Dec 11, 2000

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