Megure's Locked Away Secret (Part 1)

Dec 11, 2000 on YTV (JP) at 6:00 PM


When Kogoro and Conan are waiting for Ran and Sonoko to finish shopping, Kogoro spots an attractive woman coming out of the phone booth. Conan spots a pen inside the booth, and tells Kogoro. Immediately Kogoro gets the pen and reaches to touch the wo... (more)man--boom! Kogoro is knocked to the ground. Actually, the attractive lady was Satou-san in disguise! They were trying to capture the person who was attacking ""101 spice girls"". Sonoko comes to join Kogoro, but Ran stayed to get something else. Miraculously Ran winds up in the parking lot of the shopping mall and spots a body by a car--a dead ""101 spice girl"".

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The Bay of Revenge (Part Two)
Season 8 Episode 23

Dec 04, 2000

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Megure's Locked Away Secret (Part 2)
Season 8 Episode 25

Dec 18, 2000