The 20 Year old Murder Case: The Symphony Serial Murders

Jan 03, 2000 on YTV (JP) at 6:00 PM


Part 1: Kana Amusement group is putting out a new CD for pianist Tenma Gerald and is holding a party for the release of the CD. However, the wife of the company president, Kana Yoshinori, has been receiving some threatening letters and crank phone ... (more)calls. Whoever is sending the letters is aware of the party which is to be a private affair. Who could be responsible for these cranks and why are they threatening Kana Misaki? It's up to Conan, with Mouri Kogorou and Ran in tow to solve the mystery at hand. Posing as the Yoshinori's childhood friends, the three pose as the Morita family in order to hide their true identity. Afterall, it wouldn't do to know that the famous detective Mouri Kogorou were present at a contract signing party. At the party, we are introduced to the company heads of Kana Amusement Group who, despite being related, seem at times to barely be civil with each other.

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The Revival of the Dying Message (part 2)
Season 7 Episode 11

Dec 20, 1999

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