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The concluding episode to David Attenborough's hit 3D documentary starts with the famous naturalist watching some vultures soar around a Spanish gorge. He then travels to Rome, where he sees peregrine falcons hunt starling flocks. After that, he jour... (more)neys to Ecuador, where he studies some hummingbirds as they abnormally hover over some flowers. His voyage soon takes him back to England, where he looks on as barn owls hunt mice in the cornfields. Finally, he ends his epic adventure in Borneo, as he is caught in a bird/bat/insect crossfire. He survives to recap on the history of flight, with the insects taking to the air around 300 million years ago, before the reptilian pterosaurs arrive and grow to gigantic sizes. Then, a branch of the dinosaurs becomes the legendary Microraptor, who dominates the Chinese forests. These feathered dragons led to the arrival of the birds, who went on to become the aerodynamic kings. However, the bats came to battle the birds and soon a three-way aerodynamic war existed. David Attenborough finishes his show by stating that this aerodynamic war still goes on today. The series ends as he slowly walks away on a rope bridge.

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