Episode 8

Dec 10, 2001 on ITV at 9:00 PM


The group flies to Sydney for Pete and Jo's wedding. David books a room with a view in an effort to make a new start with Karen. She emails Mark to tell him that the affair is over. Rachel meets with Lucy, who tells her she is screening men to father... (more) a child with, despite being a lesbian. Adam volunteers his banked sperm but Rachel talks him out of it. Pete meets Jo's rich father, Rod, who tries to pay him off after thinking he is marrying Jo only for money; Pete refuses. Mark arrives in Sydney, telling Karen he has left Geraldine to be with her. When David tells Karen that he wants the family to move to Australia, Mark reveals the affair, leading to a fight. Adam changes Rod's mind about Pete and the couple prepares to marry. Rachel goes into premature labour and is given a caesarean section. At the wedding, Pete is without a best man and the rings, so David and Karen offer theirs. Karen tries to talk to David after the ceremony, but he refuses and flies to England alone.

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