The long awaited... Kenpachi appears!

Nov 03, 2009 on TV Tokyo at 7:30 PM


Isane and Iba come face to face with Ashisogi Jizou, Tobiume and Haineko. It is then up to Hinamori and Matsumoto to help them out. Soi Fon continues her fight against Gonryoumaru and Tengen but things quickly become more complicated when Suzumebachi... (more) joins the fray. Ayasegawa is also having a hard time in his fight against Ruri'iro Kujaku. Meanwhile, Ichigo and Senbonzakura are both going all out to end their own fight.

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One-to-One Fight! Ichigo vs. Senbonzakura
Season 13 Episode 14

Oct 27, 2009

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Season 13 Episode 16

Nov 10, 2009