Friendship? Hatred? Haineko & Tobiume

Sep 22, 2009 on TV Tokyo at 7:30 PM


Ichigo continues searching for Byakuya, and encounters the spirits of Tobiume and Haineko, who are looking for Hyourinmaru. Momo and Rangiku arrive to fight their zanpakutos while Ichigo continues the search. Momo uses a kido spell to knock Tobiume i... (more)nto Haineko, causing the two to begin arguing. Ichigo encounters Hyourinmaru, who cannot remember his name or that of his master. He attempts to freeze Ichigo and leave, but Toshiro confronts him. Elsewhere, Muramasa kills a large number of hollows, including several Menos Grandes.

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Soi Fon, Surrounding the Zanpakutō
Season 13 Episode 8

Sep 15, 2009

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