Morning of the Sentence

Sep 27, 2005 on TV Tokyo at 7:30 PM


Zaraki Kenpachi, captain of the 11th squad, is running though the Soul Society with Orihime and Yachiru on his back. They come crashing through the ceiling of the prison cell that holds Ishida, Chad and Ganju and free them. After getting lost agian ... (more)in the Soul Society, Zaraki runs into Captain Tousen and Captain Komamura and their vice capitains. Tousen asks Zaraki why he is helping the ryoka and instead of answering him, Zaraki challenges them to a fight. Meanwhile back in the cavern, Renji finishes his training and asks Yoruichi if Ichigo can achieve Ban Kai in time.

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The Awakening Lion
Season 3 Episode 9

Sep 20, 2005

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Season 3 Episode 11

Oct 04, 2005