Hitsugaya Roars!

Sep 06, 2005 on TV Tokyo at 7:30 PM


The battle between Hitsugaya and Ichimaru Gin begins. After a short sword battle, Hitsugaya releases his soul slayer, and charges at Ichimaru with full power. Ichimaru then fires his Soul Slayer, Shinsou, at Hitsugaya and then at Hinamori. Hitsugaya'... (more)s vice-captain appears and saves Hinamori. She asks Ichimaru to stop fighting and he vanishes. Meanwhile, the captains, vice-captains and Rukia find out that Rukia's execution was moved again and will take place in 29 hours. Ichigo starts his 2nd day of training when Renji breaks into the training area and tells that Rukia's execution will be at noon tomorrow, and starts training to achieve Ban Kai himself. Rukia then remembers the day Kaien was killed.

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