TV Game Shows

Jul 14, 2006 on fyi, at 8:00 PM


For decades, we've watched countless contestants on TV answer trivia, perform stunts, and challenge lady luck. We've jumped for joy when they won and were crushed when they lost. Many a host has mesmerized us with their ear-to-ear grins, humorous ban... (more)ter, and exceedingly charming personalities. The games may have gotten more elaborate, the ideas more inventive, and the stakes higher, but one thing hasn't changed...TV Game Shows are as popular as ever. This 2-hour quirky special doesn't just look at the history of TV Game Shows, it celebrates the entire genre in a fun, light-hearted trip down memory lane. Filled with hilarious clips, amusing interviews, and hilarious commentary, it's fast paced, campy, and funny.

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