Noah and the Ark: Voyage to a New Beginning

Jun 18, 1997 on fyi, at 8:00 PM


With humanity perched on the brink of destruction, his righteousness saved the world. Although most people know the story of the Flood and Noah's Ark, few know details about Noah, the man. sailor, vintner, farmer, healer, and prophet-is said to have ... (more)lived for 950 years. This remarkable BIOGRAPHY┬« traces the holy man's life, illuminating little-known facts and exploring his role as the central figure of the renowned tale of destruction and rebirth. Uncover Noah's extraordinary story through interviews with renowned historians, biblical excerpts and period accounts, stunning location footage from the Holy Land, and rare paintings and artifacts. NOAH & THE ARK offers a fascinating investigation into the life of one of the Bible's most celebrated men, a figure who foresaw a terrible end and a new beginning for mankind.

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