Sitting Bull: Chief of The Lakota Nation

Dec 10, 1995 on fyi, at 8:00 PM


5th of May, 1877 - Nearly a year after he won the Battle of the Little Big Horn, Sitting Bull led his people into The Grandmother's Country (Canada, so-named out of respect for Queen Victoria - Grandmothers were much-revered) to try to find some reli... (more)ef from the U.S. Army. Here he and his people lived in peace for four years. His younger warriors started making trouble with the neighboring tribes, however, and the Canadian government asked Sitting Bull to return to the U.S. Sitting Bull engineered the victory at 'Custer's Last Stand'. Sitting Bull was a brilliant tactician, a Lakota Visionary, able to spur his warriors to victory even after defeat. It was for this talent that the U.S. Army feared him most. He saw the victory at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, so his warriors knew they were going to be victorious. Unfortunately they did not heed the second part of his prophecy, to not take any of the white man's property as spoils of war. Sitting Bull never signed a "peace treaty." A meadowlark told him of his death by Lakota People. This is a comprehensive look at the life of the Great Lakotoa Chief, one of the last Great Leaders of the Indian Resistance Movement - a look at the life of a great man who still inspires The People today.

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