Bruce Lee: The Immortal Dragon

Jan 18, 1994 on fyi, at 8:00 PM


A video tribute to a martial arts legend, Bruce Lee. Examined are his early years in Hong Kong and his journey to Hollywood, his role of Kato on the TV series 'The Green Hornet', and his years as the martial arts instructor to the stars. Lee&... (more)#39;s spectacular rise to super stardom through his Kung Fu films is detailed, with a revealing look at both the on-screen action and behind the scenes controversy. Celebrity interviews include actor James Coburn talking about Lee as a teacher and collaborator, and actress Diane McBain on Lee's Kato years. Lee's successors in martial arts cinema are profiled, and theories offered about mysterious deaths of Bruce Lee and his son Brandon. Plus rare footage and more! Although his life was cut short at the age of 32, Bruce Lee-- through his movies and his teachings-- will forever be remembered as the Immortal Dragon!

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