Episode 450

Jul 13, 2003 on Channel 5 at 9:00 PM


Big Brother's resident psychologists are on hand to provide interesting insights into the contestants behaviour and provide information on what they are really thinking about each other. Highlights from the weekend in the house are also shown. The gr... (more)oup is shocked to hear Booing from the crowed when extra housemate Lisa gets evicted, Nush in particular. They have another, even bigger shock when Jon arrives in the house having being voted back in by the public. The psychologists examine the housemates reactions to Jon's shock arrival and conclude that despite what they say the housemates dont want him back (there ody language gives them away) apart from Steph. Ray and Cameron spend a night in the reward room. Nush is horrified when a journalist from outside the house shouts out ""Nush, your boyfriend has dumped you"" with a mega-phone. She speaks to Big Brother and is clearly upset, but says she hasn't behaved very well with Scott and decides that ""Thats Karma for you"". Steph tells Nush t

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Jul 12, 2003

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