Episode 431

Jun 22, 2003 on Channel 5 at 9:00 PM


Big Brother's resident psychologists are on hand to provide interesting insights into the contestants behaviour and provide information on what they are really thinking about each other. Highlights from the weekend in the house are also shown. In ton... (more)ight's show the double eviction is more closely examined. The fith Saturday Night Challenge is shown (for details of this task please see the episode guide for 'Episode 430 - The Live Task' right here at TV Tome) and Nush speaks to Big Brother about being left alone in the house after Cameron choose to take everyone else therefore leaving Nush alone. The psychologists examine the effect Federico and Jon's departure will have on the house. Ray and Scott strip naked under the table in the 'posh' dinner themed reward room. psychologists dig deeper into the reasons behind Jon's constant nomination and eventual eviction. They detuct that he was nominated every week because of his constant breaking of several 'typically English' standards and his

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Jun 21, 2003

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