Episode 409

May 31, 2003 on Channel 5 at 9:00 PM


Big Brother's resident psychologists are on hand to provide interesting insights into the contestants behaviour and provide information on what they are really thinking about each other. Highlights from the weekend in the house are also shown. In ton... (more)ights episode Anouska's final day in the house is profiled and her eviction covered extensively. The psychologists explain how the housemates different reactions to her being voted out of the house display thier guilt for nominating her while other's are unaware of thier fellow contestants' turmoil. Federico plays an ammusing practical joke on Big Brother when he asks questions like ""What is Big Brother wearing"" in an attempt to make the female producer in the diary room uncomfortable. The psychologists also examine how the housemates' constant flirting and touching is a way of become comofortable in a new group, but warns relashionships built up so quickly will fail just as soon. They also take a closer look at apparant outsider - Jon and

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