Bad Moon Rising

Mar 01, 2009 on BBC three at 10:00 PM

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George and Annie stay with Mitchell in the hospital, worried that he seems to be fading away. Although Mitchell almost dies, his old girlfriend sacrifices herself to save him, allowing him to drain her blood to heal himself. George finally gathers th... (more)e courage to confront Herrick and defend his friends, but Herrick isn't playing by the rules. Herrick plans to kill George and Nina, and destroy the things keeping Annie Earth-bound, sending her into "nothingness". Mitchell will then have to face the vampire coven alone and be destroyed. Can George keep Nina safe? Can Annie harness her new poltergeist powers in time to defeat the vampires? Will Mitchell succeed in his plan to face Herrick once and for all? In the end, nothing goes as planned for any of them.

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Feb 22, 2009

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