A Good Man in a Storm

Feb 19, 2001 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


Hurricane Honu is headed towards the islands and everyone is on stage one alert. Zack is trying to save his precious computer discs, but Sean warns him that all available shelter space must be saved for food and supplies. In the midst of the chaos, S... (more)ean gets a call from Jenna: she's stuck at Kaena Point because of a landslide and she's in danger of being wind-swept over a cliff. Sean goes to rescue her, only to discover that she's not in danger at all-she just needed a ride on the scarab to bypass traffic to go to a city council meeting in Kaneohe. She feels that all the panic over the hurricane is over-stated and that the islands stand to lose money because of the hysteria. Just then, the storm starts to hit. She tries to help Sean, but steers the boat into a reef, shearing off its propellers. Then, while trying to make up for her mistake, she winds up getting her foot caught in the anchor line and goes hurtling over the edge of the boat. Sean must brave the choppy waters to save her

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Feb 12, 2001

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Ali Hillis