Ties That Bind

Dec 04, 2000 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


The training period is coming to an end, and all of the trainees are anxious to see who will get the valued A-1 classification. During this final ""heat,"" everyone pushes themselves to the limit, including Zack and Carrie. Meanwhile, Barney Poe and ... (more)his daughter Liv are on the beach. A thief sees her taking out a wad of bills and tries to steal them. Zack immediately jumps into action and chases the thief through the crowds in the water via jet ski. He collars the thief, but knows he is in trouble with Sean for acting so rashly. He wonders if it will impact his ability to get his qualifying certification. Zack and Liv are attracted to one another. As they look around the training center, Barney explains to Sean that he's been a widower for eight years. Sean, thinking of Ben, understands Barney's predicament and is sympathetic. True to his worst fears, Zack does not get his certification. Zack, of course, is completely devastated-particularly when Carrie consoles him on washing out in fro

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Nov 27, 2000

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