Four Star Spectacular!

Nov 04, 2011 on Cartoon Network at 7:30 PM

Watch Batman: The Brave and The Bold S03E12 online


A compilation of four short stories, Batman appears as a cameo and a secondary character in all shorts: Adam Strange in Worlds War – Having picked up an anniversary gift for Alanna on Earth, Adam Strange spots that the zeta beams are firing everywhe... (more)re in erratic fashion, and learns that Kanjar Ro, who is attempting to destroy Rann and take over the universe, is responsible. Flash in Double Jeopardy – After saving him from Captain Boomerang, Flash tells Batman about an encounter he just had with Mirror Master and Abra Kadabra. 'Mazing Man in Kitty Catastrophe – 'Mazing Man cat-sits for a couple while they are out, but inadvertently causes extreme damage to their home. The Creature Commandos in The War That Time Forgot – The Creature Commandos go to Dinosaur Island to investigate the disappearances of some of the Allies, including Batman, and end up confronting the brains behind the plan: the Ultra-Humanite.

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