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Sep 24, 1999 on nickelodeon at 12:00 AM

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Nothing is going right for the Animorphs. Tobias refuses to take Rachel to the dance, Marco can't find a date at all, and Ax is acting even stranger than usual. To make matters worse, Harold Nesbit, notorious computer nerd, has a video tape of Marco ... (more)morphing from dog to human, and he was about to mail it to ""The World's Weirdest Video"" show for a big money reward. The night before Harold was going to send the video, Marco and Jake trespassed on his property and try to steal the tape, but they were unsuccessful, they accidentally stole the wrong tape. The next day, the group found out that Harold has not sent in the video, yet and they search the mall to find him, but he had already sent it before going to the mall. Jake and Rachel decide to sneak into the TV studio and steal the tape. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it sounds. When Rachel and Jake arrive at the studio, they discover that a new TV executive has taken control of the studio...and his name is Visser Three, whil

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