The Capture (1)

Nov 03, 1998 on nickelodeon at 12:00 AM

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Jake's father is almost ready to open the Health Wellness Centre, a division of the hospital he works at. At dinner, Jake found out that Victor Trent (also known as Visser Three) is a partner of his dad's in the creation of the health clinic. Jake ... (more)went to help his dad, there were a lot of security, but he had to leave. The Animorphs investigate why they had lots of security - the infestation of the governor, Ax scans Marco's video card to respond to all human codes. The Animorphs enter the building as roaches, and searches for the Yeerk Pool. Once they found it, they destroyed the Yeerk Pool in a room and Jake falls into the pool. The Animorphs did not know that Jake was a Human Controller when they left.

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Oct 27, 1998

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