On the Run

Sep 29, 1998 on nickelodeon at 12:00 AM

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The Andalite disk which Jake lost and Tobias are still missing. Jake and Marco get an e-mail in Cyberia from the Yeerks offering them a trade. They want to trade an Andalite for the disk. The Animorphs plan to trick the Yeerks by giving a normal anim... (more)al to the Controller. The animal is not really Andalite, but they believe the Yeerks will assume that the ""Andalite"" is in morph. Jake morphs into a Lizard to use thought-speak. Marco is caught shoplifting Jake (Who is still a lizard), and had to morph into a rat to escape. Rachel and Cassie go to A Sharing meeting with Melissa. Rachel morphed into a Fly to find out The Sharing's future plans that are coming up. Jake and Marco thought that they had the disk after finding it in the city garbage dump, which is where Jake had to morph into a Dog to resuce Marco. They soon realize that the disk is fake, and that the Yeerks have been using it to track them.

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Terra Vanessa Kowalyk