An Almighty Bang

Jan 12, 1991 on BBC One at 12:00 AM


Monsieur Alphonse, who made the Murphy bed, arrives to pry the couple out while Mimi tries to feed them soup through a hole using a bellows. Meanwhile, Von Flockenstuffen reveals his plans to kidnap Churchill, pulling rank on the recovering Von Klink... (more)erhoffen. Herr Flick has Von Smallhausen sprung from prison and the pair arrive just as the dynamite goes off in their faces and frees the newlyweds. That night, as Von Flockenstuffen is being entertained in the café, Helga and Bertorelli spring Von Klinkerhoffen. Von Flockenstuffen demands to visit the cellar, taking with him one of the dynamite candles. Von Klinkerhoffen arrives to relieve him just as the candle goes off.

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Season 7 Episode 1

Jan 05, 1991

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Jan 19, 1991