May 12, 2012 on CBS at 10:00 PM

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It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. On April 3, 2008, millionaire business owner and family man Tom Wiles opened an e-mail. His life would never be the same. “We have Robert. If you hope to see him alive again, you must follow our instructions without d... (more)eviation!” The ransom note demanded $750,000 for the safe return of his 26-year-old son. The note was signed, “Group X.” “Remember we are watching everything, and if you think you can outsmart us, it will cost your son his life.” 18 months after Robert Wiles had vanished, the combined forces of the FBI and local law enforcement honed in on a remarkable discovery. Matching cell phone records with video surveillance, they determined someone was using Robert Wiles’ cell phone, days after he disappeared. They concluded it was Toby Holt, the one-time trusted employee Tom Wiles had hand-picked as his point man for the FBI. In December 2009, Toby Holt was charged with murder, kidnapping and extortion. 48 HOURS MYSTERY correspondent Peter Van Sant interviews Robert Wiles’ entire family, as well as the key investigators. Van Sant speaks with Toby Holt, in his only interview about the case. Holt still maintains his innocence telling van Sant, “I absolutely had nothing to do with Robert Wiles disappearance.”

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