Feb 25, 2004 on CBS at 10:00 PM


48 Hours Investigates takes a serious look at people who believe they were born in the wrong body and take drastic steps to change their sex. The scientific term for this condition is gender identity disorder. Contributing Correspondent Maureen ... (more)Maher speaks to Kayla, an 11-year-old girl who is convinced she should have been born a boy. Last year, Kayla made some drastic changes: a new haircut, a new school and even a new name. Also in the hour, Jenny Boylan, a respected college professor and author from Maine who was once known as James, speaks to Correspondent Susan Spencer about becoming a woman at age 40, and how it has affected her children, her wife, her colleagues and friends. Correspondent Troy Roberts interviews Jennifer Edwards, a 47-year-old from Oldsmar, Fla., who elected to undergo sexual reassignment surgery. 48 Hours Investigates follows Jennifer through the yearlong process, which proves to be extremely challenging both physically and psychologically. There are now dozens of doctors in the U.S. who perform this kind of surgery, usually on men who want to become women.

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