The Alibi: Reasonable Doubt I

Oct 11, 2002 on CBS at 10:00 PM


When their son-in-law David Camm was arrested, Janice and Frank Renn couldn't believe it. "I just couldn't believe that the person I knew, thought I knew, could do that," says Kim's mother, Janice Renn. But in the 15 months between the killings and... (more) the start of Camm's trial, the Renns have become convinced that their son-in-law is a murderer. "There's no way you're going to bring the kids back and my daughter back," says Kim's father, Frank Renn. "No way, no matter what they do with David. But he'll have to suffer, when he dies someday - if it's soon or if it's 40 years from now - he's got to answer to God. The murders of Kim, Brad and Jill Camm have gripped this small Indiana town. And as the trial begins, defense attorney Michael McDaniel knows all eyes are on the courthouse, and on his client. "Right now, David is the only one out there that they can punish," says McDaniel. "My life is on the line," says Camm. "I'm not just fighting for me, it's not just me, I want justice for my wife and my children."

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