Mothers & Sons

Jul 03, 2013 on Channel 4 at 9:00 PM


A powerful episode about the challenges of motherhood and the responsibility of raising sons. Sarah, who's 35, has had a blistering headache for four days. She's finally come in to A&E, worried that a recurring brain tumour she first had as a teen... (more)ager has returned. Sarah says that, now that she has a young son of her own, the thought of going through it again 'is 100 times more scary.' Forty-seven-year-old mum Helen has come in with her 10-month-old son James who has been vomiting since the morning. James was born prematurely with a hole in his heart and one kidney and spent his first 13 weeks in hospital. Helen is worried that it could be something more serious than a stomach bug. 'With that history you can imagine I would be very protective,' says Helen. 'There was absolutely no way that I was taking any chances with him.' And Wayne, a 28-year-old glazer, has been stabbed twice in the leg as he tried to stop someone stealing his girlfriend's mobile phone outside a pub. His mum Joan reflects on her son's wayward youth and how he has turned his life around. 'It doesn't matter what they've done and what you've gone through, you're always going to be protective about them,' says Joan. 'And here's something happening that you have absolutely no control over.'

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