Head First

May 15, 2013 on Channel 4 at 9:00 PM


This episode focuses on the worried parents of a young girl who fell dangerously at the diving pool, and the difficult work of the hospital's security team. Eight-year-old Abby hit her head after falling from the steps of a high diving board. The ... (more)medical team need to scan her head and neck to check for serious injuries. 'Head injury in children always makes me worried,' says Paediatric Intensive Care Consultant Tushar. 'Seeing her getting drowsy was not good; her brain could be under pressure from a blood clot.' Abby's mum Nikki is at her beside, but dad Scott is in Scotland, having missed the last train home. Nikki is putting on a brave face and trying to hold things together for her daughter, but like every parent whose child is injured, inside she's terrified. 'I had to say to her you're going to be fine, you're doing really well, just to get through it,' she says. 'I noticed the sheer look of panic and that bottled-up emotion that every mother has when they're scared,' says Tushar. 'Wanting "please tell me this is going to all be all right". And I can't, because I will not give false hope.' Meanwhile, the hospital security team deals with over 50 incidents every month in A&E, ranging from verbal abuse to assault. Anne and Holton are both working the night shift, dealing with a variety of challenging patients in the hospital.

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